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Conventional Soil Treatments

By far the industry standard is to pre-treat the ground prior to pouring of slabs and footers. Due to heavy regulation, many pest control companies are trying to get away from this type of treatment.  An average 1500 square foot home can call for as much as 300-400 gallons of product to treat a  home right.

Coppermines Pest Control is one of a small few that actually can do this. Our pre-treat rigs are 4X4 trucks with the capacity of hauling 500 gallons at any one time. When pre-treating a home for termites a builder should contact Coppermines Pest Control a day or so before pouring any slabs and footers. All plumbing stubs should be in and the slab should be at final grade without poly or wire prior to treatment. On a conventional pre-treat, all slabs must be treated. This includes any attached slabs such as driveways, carports, patios, and porches. These areas are treated where they abut the structure.  The final treatment is done right on the exterior after all landscaping is done.

COPPERMINES PEST CONTROL, The builder’s choice.

At Last! A builder pest control company that appreciates the builder and the revenue they have to offer.  Len G. Land, a native to North Hall and Lumpkin Counties and founder of Coppermines Pest Control knows the value of the building industry. With 20 years experience behind him, Len started his business with the builder in mind. In fact the  first association he joined was the Lumpkin County Chapter of H.B.A. Although the pre-treat market itself is not very profitable, the reoccurring revenue it brings can  cause your company to explode in growth. That’s why COPPERMINES PEST CONTROL offers  wholesale and volume discounts to builders.

In Georgia, these are the three ways to properly pre-treat a new home for termites;

Bait Installation and Monitoring

This type of treatment is by far the friendliest to the builder. There are no scheduling conflicts between your concrete trucks, sub-contractors and us. You basically build the house. Shortly before closing and after final landscaping is done. Call COPPERMINES PEST CONTROL for builders pest control. We will come and inspect the home and install the appropriate number of termite bait stations around the exterior foundation. We will then return every quarter to inspect these stations and replace the bait inside the stations as necessary for the entire year.  This is the only treatment that actually kills the termites. All other treatments simply repel the termites away from the structure.

Borate Treatment

This type treatment involves applying a small amount (usually under 10 gallons) of a borate  solution to the first 2 foot of all wooden members and the surrounding masonry of the structure. This treatment is done during the dry-in stage of construction. The house must be dried in with roofing material on and before the house wrap is installed. It is  best performed before any ruff in plumbing and wiring starts. This treatment can not be used if  insulation has already begun or tubs/showers are set or any other thing that would inhibit the  complete treatment of all wooden members within 2 foot of concrete. The state of Georgia  requires that a locate dye be used with this product to stain all treated timbers.

Regardless of your choice of treatment, Coppermines Pest Control can provide your pre- treat needs and we provide damage repair warranties to homes that qualify. 

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