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BUYERS BEWARE: Most Realtors will still recommend that buyers obtain such a letter of  inspection. But it is entirely the buyer’s responsibility. Obtaining a WDO inspection is  relatively inexpensive and could save you thousands of dollars in treatment cost and  damage repairs after closing. Should infestations be found during an inspection the cost of  treatment and repairs could be negotiated out during the due diligence period of your  contract. Most sellers are willing to pay for treatment should such a problem arise. At  Coppermines Pest Control we offer a home inspection for free and will provide you with a  WDO letter for a nominal fee. Feel free to call our office for an exact price quote for your next  home.

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Metro Atlanta has been named the second worst city in the nation for subterranean termites.  Many homeowners coming from northern states are unaware of the tremendous termite  pressure that exists in the south. In the past, Realtors have required an Official Georgia  Wood Infestation Report which would disclose to a buyer of any home that currently has or  has had termites or other wood destroying insects. In addition, this report placed the home  under a re-treatment warranty for a period of 90 days. Many changes have transpired in the  real estate market over the past several years. In 2007 The Georgia Association of Realtors  forms committee decided to remove the requirement for the WDO report, sighting a HUD  document that stated that if you did not live in a “termite prone area” that termite inspections  were not necessary. After much discussion between the GAR and the Georgia Pest Control  Association, the GAR forms committee has agreed to add verbiage back to the purchase and  sales agreement for 2011.

This will be in the form of a check off box which requires the buyer to be given a copy of  Form F-13; “Protect yourself when buying a home”

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