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Not Everyone Needs Indoor Monthly North Georgia Pest Control…

Our mothers and fathers had indoor pest control service every month. The primary pest concerns were German roaches, fleas, and mice. Due to lifestyle changes and changes in the retail and veterinarian industries, these pests are not the problem that they used to be. And with dual income families, indoor pest control is more of a nuisance than the pest we attempt to control.


Most homeowners today experience problems with ants, scorpions, spiders and other occasional outside pest coming indoors. Combine these facts with newer technologies in our industry, monthly interior service is no longer necessary for most homes. Unless a home has a problem with roaches, mice or fleas, quarterly exterior service is sufficient. We at Coppermines Pest Control, Gainesville, Ga.  believe in Integrated Pest Management. It just makes sense to have fewer pesticides in your environment.

The Platinum Coverage

(Monthly Pest Control) As stated above monthly service has become less practical for most consumers today. However, monthly pest control is still necessary in extreme cases of German roaches, rats or mice or silverfish. Also many commercial establishments, food handling/processing and sensitive accounts still require monthly service. This is why we have dedicated our monthly pest control services to the Platinum Coverage. Our most supreme service is tailored to each client’s personal needs.

The Gold Coverage

(Quarterly Inside and Out) Often used as a transitional service. Our Gold Coverage is a quarterly interior and exterior pest control  service. Residential clients who once had severe problems with roaches rats mice or silverfish may find the Gold coverage pest control services to suit their needs. Once these problems are under control, most of our customers find that our Silver Coverage is more that adequate for their needs.

The Silver Coverage

(Quarterly Exterior) By far, the most practical and most economical pest control service we provide. Outdoor roaches, spiders, ants, wasp, scorpions, earwigs, centipedes and millipedes are all considered occasional invaders. These pests tend to live outdoors and work their way indoors during a change of seasons. It just makes sense to take care of these pests while they are outdoors before they come indoors. This service is also more convenient for the client in the fact that no one has to meet the technician to perform this type of service. Of course, if the pests are already inside then service may need to be provided on the interior. That’s why the service warranties the inside and pest control service can be provided on the inside if needed at no additional cost.

The Copper Coverage

(Service when you want it) You’re the boss! I have over the years called customers to schedule their routine pest control services service only to find they were avoiding my calls basically because they were not really having any problems. That’s why we have created The Copper Coverage. This coverage is not for everyone and is not guaranteed. But for the client who wants to be “in charge” of their service, it just might be what you have been looking for. Simply pay an annual fee and call us when you need us. We won’t pester you. Coppermines North Georgia Pest Control, Gainesville, Ga. will simply wait on you to call us and we will come out, up to three times a year at no additional cost

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Individual Pest Control Services

  • Semi-annual Carpenter Bee Treatments:

     Carpenter Bees cause thousands of dollars of cosmetic damages every year to cedar, rustic and log homes. Carpenter Bees have two breeding seasons each year.  Every spring and every fall the bees breed and lay their eggs in the woods near the same place they were born. The secret is breaking the life cycle. That is why Coppermines offers a service to treat the carpenter bee holes once in the spring and again in the fall. Over time, the continual treatment of these areas will eliminate the vast majority of carpenter bees.

  • Wasp/Asian Lady Beetle Exclusions

    : Homeowners pay pest control companies hundreds of dollars to control wasp and Asian lady beetles. Actually, a little bit of insecticidal dust and a little caulk is all that is needed. Coppermines offers this type of service and is much more economical than trying to treat every month for a pest that just needs sealing out permanently.

  • Mosquito Services

    : Every year people get sick and even die from West Nile Virus and Malaria. Coppermines Pest Control offers a monthly mosquito service where we search out stagnant water and treat the low growing trees and hedges where mosquitoes hide out during the day. Call Coppermines Pest Control, Gainesville, Ga. today and take your backyard back without worrying about these pests having you for dinner!

  • Fire Ant Treatment:

     Another pest that can ruin your backyard BBQ is fire ants. Coppermines Pest Control, Gainesville, Ga. offers a two-step treatment that will eliminate these stinging pests. Call today and ask how we can keep fire ants gone all summer long.

  • Flea Treatments

    : Just two fleas can become thousands in just a few weeks. Coppermines Pest Control offers flea treatments for both indoors and outdoors. If done right, our flea treatments can usually eliminate fleas with just one treatment.

  • Rodent Exclusions

    : You can trap, bait and otherwise control rats and mice. However if the entry points are not pin pointed and sealed off, they will just keep returning. Coppermines Pest Control, Gainesville, Ga. offers full exclusion against rats mice and squirrels.

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